Sales Conditions

Reception :
Cylinders must be disassembled before being sent to us (valves, studs, etc.) with a new piston (can be supplied), with a letterhead communication explaining your instructions for the restoration (treatment, soldering, reboring, supply of parts, delays required), in good-quality packaging to avoid in-transit damage.

Shipping :
Return shipping expenses (€19 more taxes) are not included in the price. Packages are shipped COD as express registered packets (Jet Service, Dilipack, etc ...)

Warranty :
We offer a three-month warranty on our labour after reception. This warranty only covers services performed by REVALTEC. When requesting a warranty, the cylinder/piston assembly must be sent us, along with a letter explaining the source of the problem. Our conditions are those of the national union of Surface-Treatment Companies (“Syndicat National des Entreprises de Traitement de Surface”, or SATS). Conditions available on request.