The Revalloy process is a chemical nickel coating (nickel/phosphor alloy), obtained through autocatalytic reduction of a chemical nickel salt in an aqueous solution at a temperature hovering around 90°C. Coating hardness is very important (550 HV - Vickers). Chemical nickel coating offers excellent resistance to corrosion in many environments (learn more). The advantage chemical nickel presents over traditional electrolytic or vacuum coatings is that its coating mode involves a homogeneous distribution of coating thickness, making it possible to coat the inside of mechanical parts, threads, etc.… The coating’s adhesion to a number of supports is good, e.g. aluminium, cast iron, steel, copper alloys... A thermal treatment can improve this adhesion even further.

revalloyRevalloy’s characteristics are the following : Good performance against wear, efficient resistance to corrosive environments, bright metallic aspect, application for thicknesses from 5 to 100 µ on any support, possible increase of hardness using an appropriate thermal treatment (going from 500 HV to 950 HV). The process is used to fight efficiently against wear and corrosion problems in the following industrial sectors : Chemicals, agro-foods, electronics, printing, textiles, automobile, etc ...

Examples of applications :
- Variable-control cheek, strong resistance to wear.
- Piston and cylinder head, to counter detonation phenomena (fusion temperature greater than aluminium’s).
- Loading arm (oil industry), to counter corrosion.